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I have come across this amazing Minute Manicure & Smoothing Pedicure Jar by Bloomsberry Innovations.

Instant Manicure – This Bloomsberry minute manicure is full of blossom sugar scrub which provides an instant manicure. This is very easy to use. Wet your hands and apply the scrub on wet hands itself.

Massage your hands for full one minute avoiding any cuts or rough cuticles. Don’t put any extra water during the massage, otherwise sugar will melt down and you will not get that exfoliation which your skin needs. Once you are done, wash your hands and you will feel that baby soft skin. After pat drying your hands, finish this manicure with the last step of applying moisturizer.

Some nail arts after this process will enhance the beauty of your hands.

Instant Pedicure – Have you ever wondered what our feet go through whole day? From home to office to markets to anywhere we want. They get so tired and especially in summer, they have to go through that sun tan also. So in order to make them beautiful you have to spend hours in pedicure and spa. What if you don’t have that much of time, now we have a solution, an instant pedicure? This will make your feet feel refreshed and beautiful and soft in just one minute.


“BloomsBerry Hand Sanitizers Review & Price”.

Keeping your hands clean is a vital part in keeping yourself healthy. Because most of the germs are transmitted by means of hands. Therefore its very important to wash your hands to make sure they are clean. However the soap & water aren’t always around when you need them.For eg while using public transport, washrooms etc. Thats when these hand sanitizers comes to rescue. I always make sure i carry them in my handbag especially while travelling.

So Today i am writing about hand sanitizers from Bloomsberry.



We came across to an amazing brand BLOOMSBERRY, with a new concept to provide the human kind the best skin care and needs. They have launched a set of hand care products catering Indian market by providing a new formulation which will be better than anything in the market and will provide a healthy and classy lifestyle to individuals personal care in a CHICEST form possible.

BLOOMSBERRY have two beautiful quotes designed perfectly for them i.e..


“A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care”

Why the above two quotes suits them, let me describe that to you in detail.


Did you know?

“A manicure can help reduce anxiety and improve your mental health”.

Hey you gorgeous girl, yes you!!

When did you last get a manicure-pedicure done? Um.. don’t remember, right!?

In our busy lives we usually do not get any time to pay attention to our utmost important body parts- hands & feet. We hardly have enough time heading to the salon for a manicure-pedicure.

But guess what? Now we can get an instant manicure-pedicure done at home in just a minute. All thanks to BLOOMSBERRY which has introduced spa like experience at home with their all new range of manicure & pedicure jars.


“You know its time for a pedicure when you can exfoliate one foot with the other one”.

Hey pretties!

Do you remember when did you last get a manicure-pedicure done? No, don’t scratch your memories now!

The fact is- In our busy lives we usually do not get any time to pay attention to our utmost important body parts- hands & feet. We hardly have enough time heading to the salon for a manicure-pedicure.

But the good news is that, now we can get an instant manicure-pedicure done at home. Its just a game of couple of seconds.

All thanks to BLOOMSBERRY which has introduced spa like experience at home with their all new range of manicure & pedicure jars.


Bloomsberry is an uprising Indian beauty brand that caters to skincare and healthcare products. They have recently launched their Spa Range (that includes Manicure and pedicure scrub) and Hand Sanitizers in 4 different fascinating fragrances. BloomsBerry is also emerging as one of the best hand sanitizer Brands in India .


Not everyone has the time to hit the salon every now and then in this so called busy life and for a thing like manicure a busy person will never ever think of going to a salon at least not me.  Trust me i haven’t got a manicure done in my entire life. Poor me :( But we all do sometimes feel  like getting a manicure done when you want to attend a party, wedding or going on a date. After all your hands says a lot about your personal hygiene to those around you. I have got a quick fix to this issue. Now you can get manicure done at your home instantly in one minute flat with the Bloomsberry Minute manicure jar.


Hygiene matters to everyone whatever age or gender you are. When its about cleaning my hands, I'm not lazy to get up and wash them with soap and water. But at times, I feel dire need to using something more than soap n water, when the purpose is to disinfect my hands at a place where it tends to attract more germs like while traveling via public transport, before eating out, after using public convenience etc. Thats the time when I reach for a bottle of hand sanitizer. Not only I ensure keeping a bottle in my handbag and in my car always, but it is an instruction to my boy from his school authorities to carry one everyday with him in the school bag. So you may imagine how frequently I might be buying good quality hand sanitizers.


We bathe our hands and feet everyday with soap and water. But just splashing some water on them during shower is not pretty caring. In some old posts of mine, I've confessed my obsession of keeping my hands and feet very much pampered on regular basis. Still there are some busy days with tight schedule when laxity takes over and I feel guilty of not paying much attention to my hands and feet.


I was sent an entire range of Hand Sanitizers & Nail Polish Removers by a new Indian brand called BloomsBerry. I must confess that, I always carry hand sanitizers in my bag. Especially when I am using public transport, washrooms and touching pets. With so many germs around, infection is transmitted easily and only good hygiene habits really will go a long way to keep germs and illness away. Hand Sanitizer is a must have, in order to keep most of those germs away. I never forget to use my handy bottle of sanitizer.


Bloomsberry is a new Indian brand which has launched a range of hand care products which currently include hand sanitizers and nail polish removers.

About Bloomsberry: A thought that defines BloomsBerry so well. Driven by the philosophy of catering to each individual’s skin care and needs, BloomsBerry has launched a set of hand care products. With an effective yet unique formulation BloomsBerry is developing its each single drop to bring about a change in your life style.


I Love keeping hand sanitizers in my hand bag, kitchen drawers, in makeup drawers & car, or everywhere. Hand sanitizers cleans hands and kill germs without washing them with water & soap. These come handy while travelling or dinning out. I also use hand sanitizers before applying makeup so that germs on my hands don’t transfer on to my skin, causing breakouts & irritation.  Hygiene is of utmost importance for me while going out with my daughter since kids have a habit of touching/ fiddling with everything.


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